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1. Michael Chahin

Great restaurant to eat at when in San Francisco, only hold about 17 tables first come first serve. The wait was about an hour but it was worth it. Everything was super fresh and delicious, from the clam chowder, to the crab salad, to the sushi, yummy! The staff are very friendly and hospitable. I would highly recommend this place for anyone visiting San Francisco.

2. Jim Gossen

A San Francisco jewel, this iconic oyster bar is a favorite. It’s normally my first stop I hit if I can get there before 2:00 pm when I arrive. I love the counter service and the outstanding service staff. You shouldn’t miss this place

3. Angeles E

My favorite restaurant in SF. This iconic place is stunning. All their food is fresh and of great quality. The staff is super friendly and they take their time with each customer. You can't leave San Francisco without going to this place. A tip, you have to go early because there is always a line and the restaurant is very small

4. Louise Naimo

We were served by Santiago -- the best! Made us two out-of-towners feel like VIP guests. So happy to have had this experience. We went around 11am on a Monday morning and we were lucky, we hardly had any wait time before we scored a couple of seats in the centre of the counter. Two cold steam ales, a mixed platter of clams and oysters, Sicilian sashimi (great way of looking at a bunch of different fresh fish), prawn cocktail, and scallops in ponzu. Everything was fresh and super delicious. The guys were happy to chat about their favourite dishes and give info on the different fish and oysters. This time we missed out on the crab back because they're out of season but we'll definitely be back to try them. Thanks to the team for providing one of the best dining experiences I've ever had ????

5. Aurélia B

A really great place! I went there at 10.30am on a Thursday and got a spot right away at the counter (at 11am there was a queue in front of the restaurant). The team was really really nice! Like all the waiters did great recommandations and were super caring (I left my bag to go to the restrooms and they directly put it in the waiters section to make sure it was safe). I took the smoked salmon and that was definitely the highlight of my meal! It was tasty and highly recommend it. I also took the kind of sashimi mix (multiple fish in one plate) and if I came again I would only take the scallops, as for me they were really delicious and above any other fish sashimi in this dish. The bread + butter were good!

6. Kelly Mizuno

Unbelievably fresh and amazing fish! We got there really early (right after opening) and got seated right away. It’s counter seating and cash only with a great old school vibe. The staff were really friendly and it was fun to see them prep the fish and interact as we were eating. We got oysters, a sashimi platter, and a cup of clam chowder and would absolutely come back again!

7.  Jimmy L.

First day I came here. The line was so long that I decided I'll come back tomorrow. Second day I brought my gf and waited around 30 mins in line. It's very well worth the wait. I was surprised by the sheer freshness of all of the seafood I got. Only thing I woundnt order agajn would maybe be the clam chowder (I've had better). But everything else as top notch, made in front of you, and extremely well served. The chefs sure know their stuff. They also gave us a sample of their smoked salmon which was a nice addition. My favorite thing was the scallop (red eggs). They melt in your mouth. I want to try the Sicilian version next time.

8.  Keefe M.

Great service by a friendly, upbeat staff. The wait is worth it. Don't judge book by it's cover. Food is fresh and delicious.

 9. Linda M.

Fresh oysters, cozy restaurant, friendly staff. With only 18 barstools to be had, you're almost guaranteed to wait a bit, so be mentally prepared for that.

 10.  Jonathan L.

As long as you're okay waiting in line for a while for amazing oysters, sea urchin (Uni), and other fresh seafood choices like crab back ... then by all means, either get in first thing when they open up, or wait in line. To us, it was worth it!